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Are You Tired of Medical/Dental Billing Headaches?

Whether your healthcare practice is still largely paper-based or making the transition into electronic management, the single largest challenge for providers is simply getting paid. At StrongBox, our proprietary cloud-based software is designed to reduce medical/dental billing headaches, increase workflow efficiency, and deliver an improved return on investment (ROI).

Four Common Medical/Dental Billing Headaches

No matter your location, patient base, or specialty, there are a few issues that repeatedly plague healthcare providers. In the sections below, we will explore four of the most common medical/dental billing issues experienced by practices all across the United States.

Lack of Patient Information

Revenue cycle management begins at the initial point of service. When a new patient walks through your door, the administrative staff must collect thorough and accurate information that will be crucial for the billing and collecting processes. This information should also be collected at the beginning of every appointment, as patients’ insurance information may change between visits. Ensuring this information is up-to-date at all times will help you avoid administrative nuisances such as claim rejections.

Failure to Inform Patients about Financial Responsibility

With increasingly high insurance deductibles and expensive insurance plans, most patients are experiencing a tremendous financial burden when it comes to healthcare. In order to increase revenue, practices should introduce policies that offer cost transparency and inform patients of their financial responsibilities. One of the best ways to do this is to collect some of the balance at the time of services rendered.

The StrongBox Solution

At StrongBox, we deliver a cloud based point of service solution for the medical and dental fields so we can fully understand your challenges as a healthcare provider. We believe that truly innovative software should be catered to the unique needs of the practice. That is why we offer both medical and dental revenue cycle management software. StrongBox can is intuitive and user-friendly and can be used seamlessly in conjunction with your practice management software.

StrongBox has identified the biggest medical/dental billing challenges and designed a system to address them. As a result, our clients enjoy a number of benefits, including:

  • Improved collection rates
  • Reduced bad debt expense
  • Enhanced workflow efficiency
  • Increased cashflow
  • Accelerated account receivable days outstanding
  • Improved return on investment

Additionally, StrongBox adheres to the highest level of security, and is HIPAA-compliant. Patients can enjoy a faster, more convenient financing option while providers can be paid faster with less work.

Contact the StrongBox Team Today

Curious to know how StrongBox can help you alleviate your medical/dental billing headaches? Request a demo or reach out to a team member. We can help enhance your work environment and improve the experiences of your patients. Since 2008, our company has been providing practice owners with reliable, cloud-based solutions for their

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