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Solutions for Common Debt Collection Issues Facing Dental Offices

Dental offices across the country face a challenge that seems to worsen year after year: collecting unpaid patient bills. Although uninsured patients have been routine sources of underpayment or non-payment, insured patients are quickly matching the non-compliance rates of their uninsured counterparts. As a result, dental practices struggle with a lack of payment predictability, making revenue cycle management difficult.

At StrongBox, we help dental clients overcome some of their biggest revenue cycle management problems. If you recognize any of these “symptoms” in your dental workplace, please request a demo today to discuss our platform as a service (PaaS) solution.

Problem: Patients Who Avoid Phone Calls and Paper Bills

With smartphone blocking options, patients who receive dental care can easily make it hard for practice administrators to contact them about outstanding balances. Even sending bills through the mail – which is pricey considering the cost of printing and stamps – can result in non-response.

StrongBox offers a secure portal so patients and their dental providers can arrange a comfortable method of communicating online. That way, the patients can feel at ease making payments or asking questions. A good way to increase patient payment compliance is for dental office staff members to talk to patients about the availability of our payment portal ahead of their treatment, explaining how bills will be sent and the parameters for acceptable payment options.

Problem: High Dental Office Revenue Losses

Dental practices of all sizes count on a steady revenue stream to remain viable and provide top-notch treatments and customer care. When a bill goes unpaid, it adds to the practice’s fiscal losses. In today’s marketplace, dental offices are seeing higher revenue losses as patients avoid their financial obligations.

StrongBox eases lost income by streamlining the way payments are collected and methods related to automated processing. The more efficient the process becomes, the less money the dental practice loses while tracking down unpaid bills and recovering owed monies.

Problem: Greater Incidence of “Not Covered” Treatments

Insurance providers have lowered the amounts they pay dentists for covered treatments. At the same time, they have moved some treatments to “not covered” status depending upon the patient’s insurance package. This can leave patients covering a more significant cost of even routine treatments than they did only a few years ago.

StrongBox recommends dental office staff help patients understand their financial considerations at the point of care. Patients who are given medical codes can contact their insurers before treatment begins, giving them more control over their healthcare situation. Dental office staff members may want to help patients receive estimates of amounts due after insurance and help finance the balance  utilizing StrongBox technology..

Problem: Dental Practices Hiring Extra PT or FT Staff for Collections and Paperwork

While it may be exciting for a dental practice to grow, practice owners do not want to add full-time or part-time staff simply to collect debts or handle a raft of insurance paperwork. In fact, some dentists have left private practice behind because they could not continue to increase their workforce and pay their expenses, too.

The StrongBox PaaS solution reduces redundancies and improves efficiencies, allowing many dental clients to avoid adding more staff members to payroll. Offering a streamlined, automated system, StrongBox can alleviate the need for increased human and financial resources.

Turn to StrongBox to Reduce Unpaid Patient Debts

As you work on offering creative financial solutions for patients and reducing your debt collection activity, consider the benefits of adding StrongBox to your current software. Not only can StrongBox help encourage patients to remain compliant with their financial obligations, but it can make year-to-year budgeting more accurate. Try your free demo and discover a valuable PaaS partner.

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