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Combatting the Collection Challenge of High Deductible Health Plans

1 in 3 insured Americans have a high deductible health plan (HDHP), defined by the IRS as any insurance plan with a deductible of at least $1,350 for individuals and $2,700 for families. While the HDHP represents a significant portion of all insured people, it is often an insufficient solution for patients and providers. As patients struggle to make monthly insurance premium and medical bill payments, providers like you spend valuable resources trying to collect and maintain even cash flow. Today, the StrongBox team is talking about finding a solution to the HDHP that not only offers improved collection rates, but also helps patients find a better way to cope with medical coverage costs.

Mounting Health Costs

For over 20 years, high deductible health plans have been incredibly popular with many employer-sponsored insurance plans. High deductibles were thought to encourage healthier behavior in employees by giving them more responsibility for healthcare costs. However, they often have the opposite effect: many patients avoid health care services all together to keep costs down, including crucial preventive care. As a result, any undiagnosed illnesses can become more serious – and costlier to treat— by the time patients seek care. With mounting costs across the healthcare industry, high deductible health plans have led to soaring debt for many patients who were caught unprepared for serious medical issues. A Kaiser Family Foundation and New York Times survey from 2016 found that a fifth of all Americans faced serious challenges when attempting to pay outstanding medical bills. In addition, more than half of insured Americans will deplete all or most of their savings in an attempt to pay off medical bills.

The High Price of High Deductibles

The impact of the HDHP doesn’t end with patients; it extends across the health care industry. Black Book Market Research conducted a study in 2017 involving over 2,500 healthcare practitioners. The survey findings show 83 percent of health care practices operating with less than five physicians said receiving payments from patients on insurance plans classified as “high deductible” was the top collection challenge. It’s no wonder that on average, only 15 cents of every dollar billed by healthcare practices is collected. Identifying the problem is just the first step; now, it’s time to find a better way to cope with the impact of HDHP on your practice’s balance sheet. With less time and resources spent processing collections, your practice can focus on providing the highest level of care and growing and expanding your practice.

Discover How StrongBox Can Help

At StrongBox, we offer solutions that benefit both patients and providers. As a provider, your desire to care for patients can extend to every area of your practice, including payment options. Our proprietary software delivers efficient revenue cycle management and improved collection rates so you can focus on more important things.

As part of our comprehensive revenue recognition platform, StrongBox offers two financing options, both of which pay providers up front—with no recourse. Below, learn more about which financing option is right for your practice:


  • Best for small to mid-sized providers
  • Fixed rate medical loan offers, provided without markup
  • Can be used for elective procedures
  • 100% more approvals than standard medical credit card approval rates


  • Best for groups, networks, or hospital providers
  • Proprietary model to identify a patient’s credit characteristics and propensity to pay (within 10 specific risk tiers)
  • Guaranteed payment for providers within 24 hours
  • No-recourse policy allows providers to receive payment up front, while offering a more affordable, interest-free payment option to patients

Want Improved Patient Financing Alternatives? Contact StrongBox Today!

Interested in learning more? Request a free demo to receive more information about the Select and Pro patient financing models. Or, call us at (855) 468-7876.

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