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5 RCM PaaS Must-Haves for Dental Billing Providers

The issue of revenue cycle management (RCM) continues to be a focus among dental billing pros. To improve RCM, many dental offices invest in special software and online platforms. Beyond offering HIPAA-compliance, such solutions must also present five critical must-have elements. Otherwise, they just can’t put a dent into poor RCM performance.

StrongBox strives to meet these five needs with an intuitive platform as a service (PaaS) system built with dental practices in mind. Request a demo to find out how StrongBox can boost your ability to collect payment, offer exceptional patient services, and more.

1. The platform must streamline customer service.

Customer service has never been more important than in an era where patients can write and read online reviews. In this environment, dental practitioners must become partners with their patients, not just occasional service providers. Otherwise, they could lose patients and referrals. A solid RCM PaaS makes it simpler for customers, doctors, and dental staff members to connect and communicate. When the process is easier and personalized, patients feel a part of the team.

2. The platform should ease potential billing hiccups.

Sending invoices and receiving payment can take up a large chunk of any dental practice’s time. This is especially true in dental offices that are not making use of data encryption and paperless billing. Isn’t  time spent churning out invoices and dropping them in the mail better spent on other duties? StrongBox not only allows patients to input a saved credit card, but enables them to pay with very little effort. This raises patient payment compliance and gives them a simpler way to schedule future procedures.

3. The platform should make use of the latest technology.

What good is a PaaS if it is already outdated by the time it’s installed? StrongBox stays at the leading edge of technological advancements. We continue to add new layers of technology as they become available. This commitment to delivering the highest quality technology to StrongBox clients ensures they can do the same for patients.

4. The platform should offer a variety of payment choices.

Missed payments or non-payments inevitably lead to a host of problems for dental practitioners, such as RCM difficulty and end-of-year budgeting issues. In many cases, dental practitioners wait more than a month and more to receive some or all of a patient’s financial obligation. Having a variety of payment options can ease this issue. Plus, being able to separate patients from payers – the payee may not be the same individual as the patient – can heighten payment recovery. No matter what, if a patient can walk out the door after treatment and make payments with a few smartphone swipes and clicks, that’s progress.

5. The platform should make everything less complex.

From providing text notifications regarding upcoming treatments to helping patients understand their financial obligations and co-pays, solid PaaS systems take responsibilities off staff. This helps control operations costs by automating normal communications. The more everyday items that can be automated, the less the staff has to continuously “recreate the wheel.”

Bring RCM Into Balance with Advanced Dental Billing Through StrongBox

Looking for a growth opportunity for your dental practice? Take control of your RCM and lower your incidence of stilted, unpredictable revenue cycles. Add StrongBox Dental’s RCM PaaS to your office systems today. Contact us to set up a free demo.

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