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Cutting Down on Third-Party Interference

Cutting Down on Third-Party Interference

If the staff at your medical practice are tired of the time and hassle associated with collecting bills and being put on hold by insurance companies, then you’re not alone. In fact, frustrations over dealing with third parties (insurance payers, billing companies, government departments) were included in the “Top 3 Biggest Frustrations” of being a doctor, according to Healthcare in America.  

Our team at StrongBox in Boca Raton, FL believes that time spent haggling with third party groups would be better spent visiting with patients. Our patient financing and online payment options work to streamline your revenue cycle process.

Create More Time for Patients

Citing data from a 2013 survey of partners and owners at hospitals and other healthcare institutions, health professionals said third-party interference was the top reason they would advise someone to avoid becoming a physician.

The workplace frustration is backed up by worrisome statistics. Up to half of time physicians spend at work is taken up with paperwork. While aspects of billing can be delegated to staff, much of that crucial work still needs to be approved and signed off on by doctors. StrongBox cuts down on paperwork by utilizing our cloud-based Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) and patient financing services.

Simplify billing through our patient payment portal. The online service give patients the freedom to pay from any device at any time, day or night. The data is stored in a PCI- and HIPAA-compliant manner. You can track all payments in real time using our fully integrated revenue cycle management software. By allowing patients to pay in a timely manner that is convenient to them, backlogs in the office caused by paperwork can be reduced while foot traffic can be increased.

Still convinced old fashion paper bills are the way to go? Consider these advantages for doing billing online.

  • Lower overhead: Automated services like our online medical patient portal reduce the need for billing staff.
  • Greater revenue: By offering online payment options, you increase the likelihood of patient compliance.
  • Faster payments: It’s called “snail mail” for a reason. Online deposits generally become available funds in your bank within 24 hours.

Beyond the convenience provided by our online patient portal, StrongBox gives your patients access to fixed-rate healthcare loans from top-tier lenders. The entire process is handled online by patients, and there’s no markup. StrongBox offers two financing options for healthcare providers:

Select (for small to medium providers):

  • Search up to 15 lenders at once
  • Twice as many applicants approved as medical credit cards
  • Great for elective procedures

Pro (for groups, networks, and hospitals):

  • Identifies patient credit details, including propensity to pay
  • Automatic placement of patients in one of ten risk tiers
  • Increases collection rate from 15 to 70 percent

Increase Workplace Efficiency While Improving Patient Satisfaction

Polls and studies show that doctors spend upwards of half their time in the office or clinic preoccupied with billing and other third-party matters. Those distractions translate into workplace frustrations and less time spent with patients. Our application cuts down on wasted time while increasing profitability and efficiency. The benefits go beyond saving time. Your patients will also appreciate the flexibility of paying online while having access to top-tier financing institutions.

Contact StrongBox for More Details

If you have questions about StrongBox’s financing and patient payment portal, contact our team online or call our Boca Raton, FL office at (855)-468-7876 to request a personalized demo.



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