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The Takeaway from IT Conference HIMSS19

The country’s largest health IT conference (HIMSS19) recently concluded in Orlando, FL. More than 43,000 health IT professionals brought innovative ideas as well as their expressed concerns about challenges facing health IT today.

Industry leaders, including HHS Secretary Alex Azar, discussed topics that StrongBox has been an industry leader in since 2008. The discussions by keynote speakers and panelists at the conference reinforces the value of our services, which include our revenue recognition cloud-based platform and Payment Portal. Here is an overview of how StrongBox is staying ahead of trends within health IT.

Customer Empowerment

Customer empowerment was a recurring theme at HIMSS19. HHS Secretary Alex Azar addressed the topic during his televised keynote address.

“We believe empowering patients with access will help build an ecosystem of applications that can improve both patient care and population health,” he said.

CVS Health’s chief medical officer Troy Brennan said customer empowerment is a “two-way street,” according to an article in HealthcareDive, meaning companies must provide customers with the information and tools they need.

StrongBox has long been an advocate for customer empowerment. Our online revenue recognition platform and Payment Portal empower patients by allowing them to make payments or to apply for financing when it is convenient for them. The financing application form generally takes less than 5 minutes to complete and connects customers to top-tier lenders.

If you are looking to empower your medical or dental patients through our online services, your patients will benefit from:

  • Fixed-rate loans
  • No interest hikes
  • Fast loan response
  • High approval rates
  • Hassle-free payments

Cloud-based Services Continue to Drive Health IT

Another key takeaway from the conference was the continuing role cloud-based technology plays within health IT. Last year, Google CEO Eric Schmidt advised the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society to “run to the cloud, don’t walk.”

Several companies and vendors were displaying their cloud-based prowess at the conference, including Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Virtustream, and OpenText.

StrongBox uses the cloud because it is a far superior alternative to maintaining in-house, server-based software. The cloud allows StrongBox and our clients to avoid costly expenses such as hardware, staff, and office supplies. Cloud-based services allow for greater cost savings that translate to a more substantial return on investment for your company and your investors.

Cybersecurity As a Looming Threat

Cybersecurity was a hot topic at the conference. Last October, the FDA released draft guidance on ways to improve cyber-readiness. As various government agencies consider cybersecurity bills that can impact health IT, private companies are working to stay ahead of potential regulations.

“It’s really been a year of documenting good practices and having more things available,” Margie Zuk, senior principal cybersecurity engineer at the MITRE Corporation, told HealthcareDive. “I’ve seen so much collaboration occurring between the government and industry and between the hospitals and the medical device manufacturers.”

One reason StrongBox uses cloud-based technologies is that the cloud adds invaluable security features by backing data off-site. That feature decreases the potential for hackers and other cyber threats to access patient data.

As the health IT community discusses customer empowerment, cloud-based technology, and cybersecurity, StrongBox continues to be a leader in all three areas. The aim of our platform as a service (PaaS) is to allow your clinic, group, or hospital offer a seamless experience for your patients. By doing so, your business can improve payment compliance.

“To make a seamless experience in healthcare happen, a lot of different technologies need to come together,” Karen Appelbaum, executive director of enterprise access operations and technology at Providence St. Joseph Health, told HealthcareDive at the recent conference.

We couldn’t agree more. To learn more about our services, contact our team online or call our Boca Raton, FL office at (855) 468-7876.


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