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Reach More Dental Patients Through Our Patient Payment Solutions

Dental healthcare providers are often caught between two conflicting realities — the dentist’s desire to provide quality care to all patients and the realities of what patients can afford. A recent editorial in Bangor Daily News highlighted the growing affordability divide between patients who need care and the cost of delivering those treatments.

Dental disease was one of the top reasons patients sought medical care in Maine’s emergency rooms, the article said. A lack of dental insurance drove the men, women, and children to seek help at the hospital as a last resort.

StrongBox, based in Boca Raton, FL, can create low-cost solutions through our revenue cycle management and patient finance options that can help bridge the affordability divide. The results mean that your clinic can focus on delivering dental treatments to a broad base of patients and minimize your collection risk & maximizing revenue and profitability.

The Growing Cost of Dental Care

The state of Maine is currently grappling with two bills that address the growing unaffordability of dental insurance. The recent article in Bangor Daily News opened by describing the plight of one Maine resident, Sheila Andrei. After Sheila had all her teeth removed, she was billed $7,200. Sheila and her husband Mike get by on an annual income of $13,000.

Mike recently testified before Maine state legislators who are considering two bills that may make accessing dental healthcare more affordable for low-income individuals such as Mike. Low-income adults are more likely to suffer from poor oral health. They are also more likely to report cost as a barrier to attaining dental healthcare, according to the article.

More than a third of Americans lack dental insurance, the article noted.

“As a result, far too many Americans go without routine dental care, which creates a need for more costly and painful care for dental emergencies down the road,” the article said. “In Maine, dental care is the number one reason that young people seek emergency room care. Lack of dental care also affects the employability and social interactions of low-income Americans.”

Federal law does not require Medicaid plans to cover dental care. The Kaiser Family Foundation said that only 15 states offer dental coverage through Medicaid.

StrongBox Can Help Your Dental Clinic Reach a Broad Base of Patients

StrongBox eSolutions provides affordable payment options for your patients through revenue cycle management (RCM) and our patient finance options.


Time-consuming tasks, such as bill preparation, mailing, follow-ups billing, collections, and check processing can be virtually eliminated with our software. We offer both our practice administrator/office manager front and back office secure web application and our online Payment Portal for the patient payment convenience.  Our technology delivers the following benefits:

  • Cuts down on paper, postage, and labor
  • Eliminates repetitive billing cycles and bad debt expense
  • Creates scheduled payments
  • Safely stores credit card and bank ACH information
  • Eliminates or reduces the need for debt collections
  • Automatically emails patients their bills

Patient Financing

We also offer two online financing options for patients: Select and Pro. When you partner with StrongBox, your patients benefit from:

  • Fixed-rate loans
  • No hidden markups
  • No interest hikes for late payments
  • No impact on credit score
  • Access to top-tier lenders (Discover, OneMain, Ascend)
  • Fast response from lenders

Our Select financing option is ideal for small- to medium-sized providers. This service provides access to 30 lenders. Pro patient financing is better suited toward large dental groups and networks.

Learn How StrongBox Can Broaden Your Base of Patients

Dental care is healthcare. Patients who lack access to dental treatments face the same health hazards as individuals who need mainstream medical care. If your dental clinic desires to provide affordable treatment payment options, StrongBox eSolutions can deliver patient payment solutions at a low cost to healthcare providers and to your patients. To learn more about our payment solutions, contact our Boca Raton, FL office online or call (855) 468-7876.


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