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Welcome to StrongBox

We are excited to welcome you to the StrongBox eSolutions family!  As you probably are already aware, StrongBox is a Boca Raton & Chicago-based revenue cycle management & patient finance cloud-based platform and is helping to make dental & medical healthcare providers more profitable, more secure and more efficient.

Our platform creates a more consistent revenue flow for healthcare providers and delivers lowered costs and reduced risk for providers.  StrongBox offers patients low cost, convenient installment plans as well as low cost, paperless non-recourse patient financing alternatives & on-line, secure patient payment portal convenience.  Our platform results in a more valuable practice with lower collection and compliance risks while patients enjoy a more affordable and flexible payment profile.

We deliver this solution by replacing yesterday’s more pricey and risky patient financing model and inefficient revenue recognition approaches with a more dynamic, more satisfying and far less expensive comprehensive revenue recognition platform.

We have the privilege of working with the healthcare provider marketplace every day.  We believe that our primary responsibility is understanding the challenges of the practice administrators and office managers, and, through our understanding of their critical work tasks and experiences, we are better positioned to deliver an intuitive solution set.  As we move forward with our products to adapt to the shifting patient expectations and demands, we are committed to continue to innovate and work every day to create best-in-class, win-win revenue and care solution platform for the healthcare provider and the patient.

We will share our blogs on a monthly basis with healthcare providers with the objective to educate and inform on the critical revenue recognition and patient finance issues facing the healthcare marketplace.  As you learn more about the systemic issues facing your practice, we hope that you will look to StrongBox to help understand how our revenue cycle management and patient finance platform can greatly enhance your practice and the patient revenue journey.

As the final step in your revenue recognition journey, we recommend seeing our game-changing technology in action!  Please visit our website, request a live demonstration and invite your colleagues so our RCM & Patient Finance experts can walk you through how the StrongBox revenue recognition and patient finance platform solution can transform your practice.

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