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Promote Consumer Engament with Digital Solutions

With approximately 90 percent of all health providers still utilizing paper billing, platforms that simplify and streamline payments between payers, providers and consumers are becoming increasingly critical.  

Consumers are engaging with the healthcare system more than ever, and that’s a very positive trend to the extent providers invest in the technology to create win-win patient/provider outcomes.  Engaged healthcare consumers tend to be better informed on which procedures they are seeking, and they are likely to demand a streamlined billing process with multiple payment nodes These payment options will lead to better patient outcomes and cost savings for individuals and providers.

As more and more consumers seek online tools to access their medical billing, one important question your medical or dental practice should ask is, “Are we meeting consumers on their terms and expectations ?” At StrongBox eSolutions, we believe that digital is the answer. Our revenue cycle management (RCM) and patient finance tools are designed with patient empowerment in mind. Digital accessibility is not only beneficial to patients. It is beneficial to your practices’ bottom line.

Many healthcare providers are developing tools to help consumers become more engaged in their healthcare choices. A recent article in Deloitte Insights highlighted which areas of the healthcare system patients are engaging with online.

Inside the Deloitte 2018 Survey of U.S. Consumers

The Deloitte Center for Health Solutions conducted a survey of U.S. adults in early 2018 that identified trends in health care consumer engagement. A few of the key findings include:

  • Consumers are using quality rating tools more than in previous years
  • Consumers are increasingly open to new care options, including at-home diagnostics
  • A wearable device that tracks health data is doubled in usage since 2013
  • Around one-third of consumers polled said they are interested in using apps that can coach them on healthy lifestyle tips

The report goes on to recommend that healthcare providers and online services offer:

  • Tools that are flexible and meet the changing needs and expectations of consumers
  • A seamless experience that includes payment tools that can be easily accessed by the patient, caregiver, and care team

The takeaway from these findings is that consumers not only desire online tools to access and monitor their healthcare needs, they expect it. Here’s how StrongBox can deliver a seamless digital payment experience for your patients.

Empower Patients with Our Online Solutions

StrongBox’s RCM delivers convenient and flexible payment options to your patients. Through our mobile and online payment portal’s  (which can be accessed through smartphones or online devices), we offer convenient payment solutions. Our online RCM package includes:

  • An easy to use online interface for providers
  • An option for your patients to initiate payments online (a feature not found with most of our competitors)
  • A mobile solution that allows your patients to pay outstanding bills with a push of a button on their mobile phones
  • Electronic communication via tailored emails to patients

By allowing your patients to access their payments online, your dental or medical practice can benefit from reduced paper billing, secure online storage of patient payment information, reduced debt collections, and increased revenues.

Stay Ahead of the Technology Curve with StrongBox’s Online Solutions

According to Accenture Consulting’s 2018 Consumer Study on Digital Health, in 2017, 30 percent of surveyed consumers said the importance of technology with their provider was very important. That number jumped to 36 percent in just two years.

As patients become more engaged with the healthcare system, they are showing an increased willingness to shop around for new providers. Offering online tools for your patients is more than about providing customer service. By providing the online solutions offered by StrongBox, you are ensuring that your medical practice offers the tools and resources that a growing number of patients are beginning to expect from their healthcare providers.  This will help patient satisfaction and patient retention.

To learn how StrongBox can help your dental or medical company thrive, contact our Boca Raton,

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