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Boost Case Acceptance with Membership Plans and Improved Patient Communication

As a dentist, your advice is made with your patients’ oral health in mind. Unfortunately, the average case acceptance of dentists is only 23 percent. This means that, if you are like most dental practices, two-thirds of your patients are leaving your clinic without scheduling needed preventative or restorative treatments. 


If you would like to see case acceptance rates of 60, 70, 80 percent, or higher, offering membership plans while improving patient communication are two proven services that can boost case acceptance. By utilizing StrongBox eSolution’s revenue integrity saas software platform, dental providers can create automated membership plans and patients can gain an important line of communication with their dental care provider. 

How do Membership Plans Work?

A recent article in GroupDentistryNow described two leading causes of low case acceptance rates. 

  • Patient concern over the cost of treatment
  • Patients may not understand the true value of dental care

Both these concerns can be addressed by building personal relationships with patients. Unfortunately, many dental practices communicate to patients in clinical ways, overlooking the emotional aspects of many patient’s decisions. These concerns can be addressed by offering a membership plan, a feature that StrongBox can enable through its revenue integrity saas software solutions. 


Membership plans are used across many industries to boost patient trust and loyalty. Membership plans allow your dental business to clearly explain the benefits of dental treatments by describing how the procedures can have positive, life-changing impacts on their lives or the life of a family member. The dental practices that stand to gain the most by incorporating our membership feature will be the businesses that take the time to develop steady and effective messaging for its consumers. 


Many people are familiar with dental insurance. Membership plans act similarly, but they are offered solely through your office and directly to your patients. Patients pay a monthly subscription through StrongBox’s safe and secure web and digital payment and patient finance platform.  Membership plan payments are then automated directly via the StrongBox platform. Membership plans are popular solutions that level out the cost of routine visits as well as other orthodontic procedures. 


The benefits of dental membership plan include:

  • Cost savings for your patients
  • Reduced delays by removing middlemen
  • Improved profitability for your practice
  • Increased patient loyalty
  • Improved communications between patient and provider
  • Healthier patients
  • Improved patient visits
  • Increased case acceptance

How can My Dental Clinic Boost Patient Communication?

Offering a membership plan opens a new line of communication between you and your customers. Your dental business can further improve case acceptance rates be using that line of communication to explain to patients why a treatment will benefit their quality of life. 


While many oral health professionals focus on terms and facts, what patients really want to know is how treatments will save them money while lowering the risk for future health problems. The healthcare provider in charge of messaging patients through StrongBox’s platform should consider these questions:

  • How will this treatment impact a patient’s physical and financial well-being?
  • Will this treatment prevent future oral discomfort or pain?
  • What might be the negative health impacts of foregoing this treatment?

Each message should be tailor suited to the patient. The personalized communications should feel warm and sincere. 

Partner with StrongBox to Improve Case Acceptance Rates

If you are ready to drastically improve your case acceptance numbers, our Boca Raton, FL team is here to help. By partnering with StrongBox’s online tools and services, your patients will also benefit from convenient mobile payments, access to simplified patient financing, and much more. To schedule your staff to learn more, please contact us online or call us at (855) 468-7876.

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