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Are You Delivering Revenue Integrity To Your Patients?

Medical and dental businesses are facing two seemingly conflicting realities. While high-deductible health plans and lower Medicare reimbursement rates are compelling many healthcare businesses to do more with less, many of the technological tools that can alleviate these financial pressures are being underutilized. When companies invest in technology, there’s competing demand for upgrades and expenditures on data security, attracting and retaining talent, or facility/equipment modernization.


Depending on how your business handles its revenue cycle, these problems can be compounded or alleviated. StrongBox eSolutions allows your business to streamline and optimize its Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) by automating redundant tasks, measuring profitability, lowering costs, and providing patients with a convenient and easy to use resource that can be accessed online and via smartphones. 


Nearly 80 percent of patients consider billing options when choosing their healthcare provider. Isn’t it time you offer your patients what they have been asking for?

How Can Revenue Integrity Boost Patient Admittance and Satisfaction?

In the private business sector, a business is said to have revenue integrity when its actions, values, methods, principles, expectations, and outcomes are consistent. Within the healthcare system,  revenue integrity refers to the achievement of operational efficiency and the ability to achieve optimal reimbursement from patients. 


As business owners enhance their revenue integrity process by utilizing technology, they will see a considerable impact on profitability. Practice owners should also consider the benefits of financial and business risk mitigation from the use of revenue integrity technology, such as StrongBox eSolutions.


Nearly 25 percent of hospital CFOs cite revenue integrity as their top priority for their hospital, according to a recent survey by Healthcare Financial Management Association. One question an organization can ask when implementing revenue integrity is: How can my organization create a unified approach to optimizing the revenue cycle? 


StrongBox provides that solution by allowing your company to integrate with our online, cloud-based services so you can offer your patients flexible billing, ease of access, and a seamless healthcare experience. Our online tools empower patients to handle their own billing and financing. Our online financing application can be completed in only a few minutes. Once the application has been financed, your business will immediately receive funds for services rendered from one of several trusted top-tier lenders. 


Our RCM delivers flexible payment options to your patients, which allows your business to maximize profitability while lowering your risk profile. Our RCM features allow patients to initiate payments online or to make payments through mobile phones. By investing in digital solutions, your company can provide a seamless experience to your patients at every step along that cycle.

Improve Your Revenue By Partnering With StrongBox

Technology can hold a company back or drive it forward. StrongBox eSolutions’ Software as a Service (SaaS) platform allows your company to automate redundant and time-consuming tasks. Once resources are freed, your practice administrators can focus more of their time on delivering patient care.  


If you are ready to enjoy reduced paper billing, lower debt collections, and higher earnings, we welcome you to contact our Boca Raton, FL office online or call (855) 468-7876.

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