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Say Goodbye to Missing Dental Payments

Does your dental practice have difficulty giving patients accurate updates on their balance? Many dental offices regularly experience inconsistencies between their records and what patients believe their balance to be. If you are relying on snail mail to deliver bills and staff to manually track payments, your front office may be part of the cause of inaccurate data tracking.


The best way to reduce billing errors is to rely on a trusted online solution to track payments. StrongBox eSolutions’ cloud-based revenue cycle management (RCM) allows dental office managers to quickly access accurate payment records. Our PCI-, HIPAA-, PHI-compliant platform boosts efficiency while lowering delinquent payments. 

Common Dental Billing Errors 


If you are not utilizing StrongBox’s online solutions, you may be stuck in a cycle of bewildered patient phone calls and overstretched front office personnel. Dental practices often experience these common billing errors.


  • Late billing
  • Inaccurate billing 
  • Outdated mailing addresses
  • Bills with missing information


Dental billing can be daunting. It is one of the most time-consuming tasks that dental office staff engage in. If your dental practice relies on manual labor for billing, you are spending the same amount in hourly wages to process and mail a small bill as you are for a more profitable bill. 


Billing errors result in lost revenue. If your patients are receiving inaccurate bills, they are less likely to comply with paying the invoice. That is why it is critical for any dental practice to have the ability to quickly recoup the cost of a procedure once it is provided. StrongBox provides that solution. 

Boost Payment Compliance While Reducing Billing Error with StrongBox


By partnering with StrongBox, your dental practice will gain access to our easy-to-use online Patient Payment Portal and our newest release, StrongBox Mobile. StrongBox Mobile allows your patients to make convenient payments from their mobile phone 24/7, 365 days a year by downloading our proprietary Papaya app. This bolt-on patient option removes an important barrier between your customers and prompt payments. 


StrongBox Mobile reduces billing errors by allowing your dental practice to track online payment activity through detailed, real-time reporting. StrongBox Mobile will enable your business to realize a 63 percent increase in payments received within the first 20 days of utilizing our service. 


Our innovative online payment platform can be accessed at any time throughout the year. More than 80 percent of your patients regularly make online payments. 


By combining StrongBox’s RCM, mobile solutions, and payment portal, your dental office will realize increased cost savings, improved efficiency, and streamlined workflow.

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Have you struggled to find an innovative way to boost efficiency while improving the accuracy of your dental office’s accounting system? No one wants to deal with bewildered patients who have questions about inaccurate dental bills. Your business already delivers the highest quality of medical care for your patients. Why not deliver the same standards when billing? 


No matter what your billing concerns are, our dedicated staff is ready to provide you with solutions. To schedule your consultation with our Boca Raton office, please contact our staff online or call (855) 468-7876.

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