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StrongBox Mobile

StrongBox has partnered with Papaya to further enhance provider revenue recognition and elevate the patient’s revenue recognition journey.  The addition of Mobile advances our mission to utilize technology as the enabling agent of consumer-based healthcare.

By addressing evolving consumer/patient demands as the cornerstone of our technology advancement platform, the mobile payment solution is integrated with StrongBox RCM and represents leading secure mobile payment technology.  Mobile focuses on providing convenient patient care delivery through digital management of the patient revenue recognition process.  The net result for the provider will be both enhanced collection rates as well as a longer-term, established relationship with patients as patient satisfaction and patient retention rates increase.

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The PCI secure and HIPAA Mobile payment option provided by our integration with Papaya represents yet another enhancement to our RCM and patient Finance solution set and offers patients a convenient option to make health provider payments.  This innovative, easy to use and establish provider option enables patients with a mobile payment platform from any device, 24/7, 365 days a year by simply downloading the Papaya app.  This bolt-on patient convenience and provider revenue recognition option further expands patient alternatives to pay an amount due and enables patients to pay providers via an easy to use, free Mobile app.

The Mobile payment solution offers a convenient payment tool that will help lower costs (e.g. less expenses to recover like bad debt, billing/admin, etc..) and offer the patient greater payment flexibility and payment optionality.  By incorporating Mobile payments with your practice’s existing workflow and by tracking all of your patients’ online payment activity with transaction level detail, summary and detailed reporting, the Mobile payment alternative will further accelerate provider revenue recognition and overall practice efficiency.

By utilizing Mobile, practices will realize a 63% pick-up in payments received within 20 days, a 36% reduction in in bound patient phone calls to pay bills and an accounts receivable days outstanding reduction of at least 17%.  Combining RCM and patient Finance with Mobile and or our Payment Portal, providers will realize cost savings and efficiencies as well streamlined efficiency from the power of StrongBox’s comprehensive revenue recognition platform.

Patients pay in seconds with one click on their mobile device! 




Big benefits to your organization and customers – Save time getting paid!

Patients pay faster with Papaya’s easy to use app and website. Plus, patients pay more often, avoiding costly debt collection.

Fully compliant and secure

All data is secured on HIPAA-compliant servers. Medical information is only accessible to providers. We never share patient data with third parties.

Free up your team

Patient’s can process payments at any time using Papaya’s secure bill panel, freeing up staff from phone calls and mail.

Zero integration required

Payments work through StrongBox RCM and/or Payment Portal.  All payments are organized and patients are alerted when their bill has been paid.

StrongBox Mobile is a customer-centric payment option you need and that your patients want so that they can pay their bills in three easy, convenient steps!