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Our secure Patient Pay Portal augments our RCM and patient Finance solution set and offers patients a convenient option to make a health provider payment that is due.  This innovative, easy to use and establish provider option enables patients with an on-line payment platform from any device, 24/7, 365 days a year.  This bolt-on patient convenience and provider revenue recognition option further expands the patient alternatives to pay an amount due and enables your patients to pay providers online with the StrongBox Patient Payment Portal.

By incorporating online payments with your existing workflow and by tracking all of your patients’ online payment activity with transaction level detail, summary and detailed reporting, the Patient Payment Portal alternative will further accelerate provider revenue recognition.  With more than 80% of patients utilizing some form of on-line payments to manage their household expenses, this convenient payment alternative will help save time and money for the patient.  By combining RCM and patient Finance with the Patient Payment Portal, providers will realize cost savings and efficiencies as well from the power of StrongBox’s comprehensive revenue recognition platform.

The benefits of an online self-pay portal to your patients

Nine out of ten patients want to pay their medical bills online. However, 96% of patients still write checks in order to pay for their medical expenses because they’re not given another option.

Be transparent - Costs are clearly communicated and accounts are easy to pay.

Be mobile - Patients can pay their medical bills on-the-go, via mobile.

Be secure - StrongBox is HIPAA and PCI-certified, so patients know they’re paying through a secure portal.

The benefits of a patient payment portal to your practice

Alleviate administrative burden by offering an online self-pay portal to patients. StrongBox automates payment scheduling and allows patients pay for their medical bill anywhere an internet connection is available, helping you boost collections and improve provider to patient relationships.

Cut costs and save time

Receive patient payments faster

Reduced days in Accounts Receivable

Create stronger patient-provider relationships

Five Simple Steps For Patient Payment Portal

Making a payment is simple and requires minimal information from the patient’s medical statement.

  1. Patient Must Know Provider Balance – Patient retrieves the provider balance using the billing statement.
  2. Payment Amount – The patient is able to select the amount they wish to pay. They may choose to either pay the minimum expected payment or pay the total balance.
  3. Payment Method – The patient selects their preferred payment method. For convenience, StrongBox accepts all major credit cards.
  4. Billing Address – Once the patient selects an amount to pay and how they would like to pay, they enter the billing address associated with the payment to verify the card holder information.
  5. Confirm Payment – That’s it! The patient reviews their selection and confirms payment details.