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StrongBox is a leading provider of revenue cycle management and patient finance services to healthcare providers across the United States.

Our primary objectives are to create an improved and even work environment and a more profitable health provider practice. Our guiding mission is to be the health provider revenue cycle solution for collecting patient amounts owed and offer simple, fair and efficient patient financing solutions to fund the increasing costs of healthcare.

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Established in 2008, we have a long operating history in the health provider revenue cycle industry.

Straightforward, easy to use operating system supported by our fully integrated proprietary technology platform.

Strong partnerships with our provider, vendor and service networks to insure solid and secure user experience.

Best-in-class infrastructure that is HIPAA compliant and PCI DSS/PA DSS certified.

RCM allows practices to achieve the greatest improvement in net revenue, cost of operations, as well as your patient and physician experience. Our comprehensive and communicative platform creates even workflow and helps ensure patient collections for amounts due is efficient, compliant, and seamless. Providers realize an increase in efficiency, revenue realization, decrease in accounts receivable days outstanding and bad debt expense and invaluable risk mitigation.

Our RCM software solution provides health provider practices with an intuitive, cloud-based revenue collection platform that accelerates timeliness and surety of revenue collection, creating efficiencies for process and work flow of the practice and lowering costs associated with billing, collections, front office patient bottlenecks and mundane back office administrative tasks (calling to collect payment, sending physical bills, etc.). Zero cost to practice self-finance alternatives easily established by utilization of StrongBox RCM platform.

StrongBox RCM stores financial instruments in a Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) & Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and Protected Health Information (PHI) compliant manner that allows practices to efficiently and securely process co-pays, for short falls in insurance coverage on procedures, and no-shows. Patients are settling up what they owe without having to generate a bill at the time of service or after the Explanation of Benefits has been reviewed and accepted.

Patients will move in and out of the office faster since they do not have to make payments on the way out. This allows practices to see more patients and as a result the practices’ cash flow is enhanced. The office staff is spending less time generating bills and chasing past due amounts, allowing them to spend more time focused on providing care.

Our RCM software also has the benefits of next day funding for the providers benefit as well as nearly at-cost processing and bank account to bank account transfer rates.

Our Patient Payment Portal solution enables your patients to make online payments with our easy-to-use patient payment portal. This on-line solution will easily reduce follow up on co-pays, deductibles, and co-insurance balances, which will translate into improved A/R. By giving patients a secure online payment portal, offices are reducing patient calls, increasing billing accuracy, and accelerating patient payments. With 24/7 access and the highest levels of security, this online solution provides an easy, secure way to bill and collect payments from patients, reducing the time it takes to get paid.

Seamless and Integrated

Collect credit card payment types and easily void payments in one convenient platform.

Accelerate Revenue and Increase Efficiency

Reduce billing costs and payment errors while increasing the speed of patient collections.


Our payment portal offers patients more control of their payments and reduces A/R days, resulting in improved cash flow. The payment portal utilizes the highest form of security and protection to secure the patient’s information.

Improve Patient Experience and Patient Retention

8 out of 10 patients are interested in the optionality to pay their bills on-line.  The intuitive online portal improves the patient experience by allowing them to easily view, manage and pay their accounts online.

Patient Communication

Instantly send e-receipts via email to patients.

The addition of Mobile advances our mission to utilize technology as the enabling agent of consumer-based healthcare.

By addressing evolving consumer/patient demands as the cornerstone of our technology advancement platform, the mobile payment solution is integrated with StrongBox RCM and represents leading secure mobile payment technology.  Mobile focuses on providing convenient patient care delivery through digital management of the patient revenue recognition process.  The net result for the provider will be both enhanced collection rates as well as a longer-term, established relationship with patients as patient satisfaction and patient retention rates increase.
The PCI secure and HIPAA Mobile payment option provided by our integration with Papaya represents yet another enhancement to our RCM and patient Finance solution set and offers patients a convenient option to make health provider payments.  This innovative, easy to use and establish provider option enables patients with a mobile payment platform from any device, 24/7, 365 days a year by simply downloading the Papaya app.  This bolt-on patient convenience and provider revenue recognition option further expands patient alternatives to pay an amount due and enables patients to pay providers via an easy to use, free Mobile app.

The cloud based financing application is a unique patient Finance option for patients. Finance takes less than five minutes for the patient to complete the application and is a cost competitive patient finance consideration for both health providers and patients.

We are pooled with our partners with up to 15 lenders competitively bidding for the opportunity to provide patients with the funds to receive care.  The deep lender pool results in significant liquidity for patients to fund high deductibles or allow for procedures to be completed. The benefits of the lending pool help reverse the possibility of patient “stranded” procedures – these stranded procedures result in an opportunity lost for practitioner’s and patients.

Our solution will deliver a lower cost, competitive solution as patients receive real time bids from our lender group with competitive market-based rates from both high-quality credit down to sub-prime credit pools.  More options and more care at a lower cost will help drive patient care and satisfaction and practice profitability.

The most dangerous phrase in the language is, “We’ve always done it this way.”

StrongBox: Be better than before.